Why can’t you sleep enough? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? I know the feeling. I know a woman who can help you with your sleep problems. She can help you with sleep problems due to motherhood, depression, menopause or just plain old stress.


She’s not your average woman. Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Tracey Marks, has written a great book entitled, Master Your Sleep: Proven Methods Simplified.”

Dr. Marks specializes in the interplay between your mind and body and how it shapes your quality of life. She has treated many patients suffering from burnout, depression and stress. Many times, sleep problems are at the root of their woes.

I am using this book to help me first and my clients. I don’t know anybody who hasn’t had sleep problems at some point.

Master Your Sleep is well worth reading and it will help you regardless of your circumstances.

My favorite chapters are “Why Can’t I Sleep” and “Behavioral Therapy–Things You Can Do.” The book is helping me already. In particular, my busy lifestyle can sometimes affect the quality of my sleep. You’d be surprised at how many disorders there are that can hinder your sleep patterns.

Here’s your chance to win a free copy of the book! It is paperback, only 125 pages and includes a sleep diary and problem solving worksheet. I have 3 copies to give away over the next week.

Just register at My Fitness Hut Blog.

If you don’t win, be sure and buy your copy here. Peaceful sleeping to you!

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2 thoughts on “Your Sleep Solutions Are Here

  1. When you’re sleeping it’s important to get to the final stage of it. Otherwise your body and mind will not be rested in the morning. In the end of the final stage we would start shaking but our brain wakes us up for a second( you will not remember it) and after that the cycle starts all over again.
    – Runna teenfitnessblog.blogspot.com

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