What does your self-talk have to do with your weight loss success



Step #1 towards lasting weight loss success? It all starts between your ears……self-talk is the biggest barrier or bridge to success in any thing you do. I can talk until I’m blue in the face (if I could turn blue) about eating habits, exercise, etc. None of it will matter unless you get your mind straight.

What are you telling yourself as it relates to losing weight and transforming your body? Hopefully, you’re telling yourself positive things and the facts.

Dr. Kevin Elko, an expert in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology (CBP), states it this way:

“Those are real fancy words (CBP) that mean I learned how to help change the way people conduct conversations with themselves. Changing the way you talk to yourself can totally revolutionize your life, but learning to do it can take some time and guidance.”

Yes, you may need expert guidance but first try talking positively to yourself. Here are some negative self-talk examples that I have heard from clients:

“Its too late to improve my health and appearance significantly.”

“I can’t stop eating sugary foods and drinks.”

“I wish I could fit into that dress.”

“I hate lifting weights so I only do cardio exercise.”

“I can’t run fast so doing sprint intervals won’t work for me.”

“I would go to the gym but I don’t want people staring at me.”

“I don’t have time to workout.”

Those negative phrases could easily be replaced by “I can” or “I will” or “what’s the alternatives.” We will end up believing what we continually tell ourselves. And, it shows in our attitude and behavior.

It is also important to surround yourself with positive people. It will only reinforce what you are trying to do. Research proves that you will be more successful with your fat loss/weight loss efforts if you have positive people holding you accountable.

Personal trainers, spouses, workout buddies and group exercise classes are great for holding you accountable. That means you must inform them of your intentions to transform your body.

What are you going to do? Make up your mind today to start doing things to improve your health and appearance the long-term way, the only way that really counts.

Do you want to:

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