You can lose weight, sculpt your body and not bulk up with the proper workouts. Sculpt your body better by burning more fat and not necessarily losing more weight. Shrink your body. This takes consistent weight training on your part. Don’t worry, you would have to lift very heavy weights for a long time to get bulky!

DB Front raises

You might have to change your thought process about how you workout. You don’t have to spend 2 hours in the gym to see fat loss and weight loss results and sculpt your body. You will actually get better results with shorter, more intense workouts. And, that gives you more time to do more important things in your life.

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Burn more fat by working large muscle groups, not by working out longer. Maximize your time in the gym and get the results you want. The quality of your workouts are better than the quantity of your workouts.

At Her Fitness Hut, I have designed all of my exercise programs to burn fat and transform your body long-term. Here are the reasons:

1) There is not a better or faster way to tone your body. You also get superior heart health. Research and my personal experience backs this up. Just look at an athlete’s body.  And, we are all athletes to some extent.

2) I’m not playing a guessing game when it comes to this type of training. I use research, empirical evidence and real-life experience to develop training programs.

3) We all have a tight schedule. No circuit weight training session last longer than 1 hour and some sessions are as short as 10 minutes. Interval cardio sessions are about 20 minutes.

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