Dumbbell workouts are high on women’s favorite type of strength workouts. Dumbbell workouts can be used to get major fat loss results, if done correctly.

Lunge with DB

Rule #1 – Target major muscle groups during your workout. Bicep curls look cute but don’t waste too much time with them. Same for triceps kickbacks. Save these exercises until the end of your workout.

Rule #2 – You will have to use more than 10 pound dumbbells. How do you know when to increase the weight? If you can do 8 repetitions with ease, increase your dumbbell weight. You can build muscle and not get bulky. More muscle mass will burn more fat and lean out your body.

Rule #3 – Do your dumbbell workout at least 3 times a week. To change your body, you have to be consistent over time. You can change exercise types to keep your body guessing and to keep from getting bored.

Dumbbell workouts allow you to do one-armed and one-legged exercises without one side cheating for the other. You can really balance out your body.

Here is a good 30 minute circuit workout for you to do:

Do each exercise one after the other with little or no rest between exercises. Rest 2 minutes between circuits. Do the circuit 4 times.

1. Dumbbell squat-to bicep curl-to shoulder press, 5 repetitions, moderate pace

2. Dumbbell chest press on swiss ball, 10 reps, moderate pace

3. Dumbbell squats (1st and 3rd sets), Dumbbell front lunges (2nd and 4th sets) 10 reps, moderate pace

4. Dumbbell bentover rows, 10 reps, moderate pace

5. Dumbbell standing shoulder press, 10 reps, moderate pace

6. Dumbbell standing calf raises, 20 reps, fast pace

You can do this workout anywhere, anytime and you’re finished in 30 minutes!

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