You can build muscles and not get bulky!  As a woman, you would have to lift enormous amounts of weights to get bulky so don’t worry about it…you do need to consistently eat to get consistent muscle growth.   So, you can’t starve yourself!  Build muscle, burn fat and tone your body.  That’s the recipe that always works.

If you are accustomed to not eating much, like 1000 calories a day, your body is storing fat because it thinks you are starving.  Most women need at least 1300 to 1500 calories a day.  And, on the days you exercise, you will probably need 1600 to 1800 calories.

If you want your muscles to grow, FEED YOUR MUSCLES CONSISTENTLY. Just lifting weights is not enough to grow your muscles and become lean, toned and healthy!  On the days you do lift weights, its best to eat before and after your workout. Read my post on Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition.

And, you know my take on supplements: try to get the nutrition you need from food. Save your money. Don’t depend on supplements to significantly build your body up or lose weight.

And, to stop your muscles from breaking down (catabolizing) while you sleep 7-8 hours, a night-time snack or protein drink before you go to sleep is needed. When your body is fasting, your muscles will take the hit.

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