by Akin Fagbohun

When at the gym, it’s not uncommon to see a clear difference in the way that males and females use the facility. It’s usually the case where men frequent the weights section of the gym whilst the females dominate the cardio areas.

Given that the overall aim of most of the females using the cardio machines is to lose weight and develop a tight, toned physique, it’s strange that so many approach this goal by doing cardio; after some time, without progress, the response is to do more cardio. Before long, cardio is being completed 5-6 times a week, motivation slips and the little progress made from the cardio is lost in the month long lay-off from the gym.

I’d love to see more females get into weight training, not because it means there are more women in the weights area but because everyone who takes the time and effort to get off the couch and exercise deserves to achieve their desired physique. Here are some logical reasons why women should train with weights.

-Cardio increases energy spent in session. Weights will do the same with the added benefit of muscle breakdown. What this means is that once you leave the gym, your body will be using the food you eat to repair muscle tissue. If your calories consumed are spoken for, less of that remains to be stored as fat.

-Intense exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in the body that make us feel good. It’s the feeling of euphoria and self-satisfaction that you may have experienced after an intense workout. Intense weight training will give you a hefty dose of endorphins increasing your likelihood of returning for another round of iron pumping action.

-Weight training is muscle building. Muscles are what create the shapely contours that make up the female figure. A curvy figure is underpinned by the muscles that create the shapes so even if you don’t have a very low body fat, a little muscular development will give you real curves that you can be proud of.

-Muscles stand the test of time. Take some of the celebrity personalities for example. Many of them can put their lasting looks down to a strong exercise regime.

A point to remember is that lifting weights will not make you look manly. Testosterone is the hormone that drives muscular development. The levels present in females are a fraction of those found in men which means that it is near impossible to achieve a manly stature without taking some sort of banned substance. Instead, you will achieve a sleek and slender appearance that screams ‘I work out.’

Like anything, you can learn the basics on the internet. Learn how to lift weights using free resources at Women’s Fitness and begin building the body you want for yourself.

This post was written by Akin Fagbohun who is a natural bodybuilder and fitness blogger at Ten Repetitions.

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