Its never too late to transform your body to fit and lean! What about your weight loss?  Can you sustain it? 

Although its best to focus on one major goal at a time, the other elements of the cycle are always happening (some more than others).  


MINDSET:  How’s Your Attitude and Self-Talk These Days?  

The road to fitness and health can be full of setbacks and disappointments along the way.  You may need to change to a positive mindset to start making progress to reach your fat loss, weight loss and transformation goals.  Stay away from weight loss gimmicks!  

The “desperate weight loss” mentality is not good because it leads you to take desperate measures to lose weight as fast as possible.  You will also regain this weight and even more.  Those who sell weight loss gimmicks count on this “desperate mindset” to rake in billions. And, sadly, it continues to work.

I will help you assess your goals and give you a personalized plan to get there.  Even if you feel desperate to shed major pounds, take a sensible approach that will last over the long haul. Health, fitness, adequate energy levels and quality of life will keep weight loss in perspective for you.



There are no complicated diets to follow. You will develop eating habits and healthy practices you can maintain for a lifetime, such as adding  whole, natural foods to your menu that you like. You are more likely to stay with a menu loaded with foods you like.

At the same time, you will be replacing the foods that make you fat and unhealthy. This eliminates foods in a box or bag and processed foods.  The less food you eat, the more weight you’ll lose, right?  Yes, until this process stops working for you.   

If you lose 40 pounds in 20 days, it will be mainly muscle mass loss and some water weight. Your body fat will still be there.  Starvation slows the fat-burning process.   Your body relies on the nutrients in whole, natural foods for fuel. When you starve yourself, it senses the downward shift in your caloric intake and kicks into starvation mode.

When this happens, your metabolism will slow down and your body will hold on to stored fat in order to conserve energy.  Muscle mass needs more energy to function than fat. Basically, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you’ll burn.

If you continue to starve yourself, your body will feed on your muscle tissue and make it even harder for you to lose weight.  The weight lost from starvation diets always comes back as soon as you start eating normal again. In the end, you’ll wind up bigger than you were before you started starving.



I will give you the exercise programs to achieve major body transformation. You will be a weight loss maintainer for life.  Stay active as much as possible (especially on non-workout days) and you will reach your fat loss and weight loss goals sooner.

Exercising with more intensity will dull your appetite. Circuit strength training and interval cardio training are examples of intense, fat burning exercise. These types of exercises will also burn more calories during and after your workout.



Decreased energy, constant cravings for sugary foods (for quick energy), metabolism problems, stress-out feelings and decreased workout performance are all signs of inadequate recovery.  If you want fat loss with lasting weight loss—exercise, rest and recovery are all important.  

Don’t underestimate the benefits of full body massages. The benefits include improved flexibility, tension release, relieving of swelling, alleviation of fatigue and prevention of injuries.  Along the same lines, self myofascial release with foam rolls (SMFR) is a type of self massage that you can do every day and prevent various muscle injuries, strains and tears.  

Treat your body well and it will reward you with good health and a fit body.  If you don’t allow your body to rest and recover, it will affect your metabolism, fat loss and weight loss efforts.

Mark Dilworth, Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist