People waste millions of dollars every year on weight loss supplements. Save your money folks. You could use that money to get some reliable exercise and nutrition advice from a fitness professional such as myself!

If you are depending on weight loss supplements to lose weight, you will be disappointed. Research has proven that these supplements have no long-term benefit. Also, some of these supplements could be harmful to your health.

Burn fat and lose weight with hard work through a well designed fitness and nutrition program–AND PATIENCE. There are no shortcuts to long-term fitness and health!

Use regular exercise (strength training and interval cardio exercise) to burn the body fat, lose the weight and keep it off for good!

GET THE NUTRITION YOU NEED MAINLY FROM FOOD! SUPPLEMENTS ARE JUST THAT—-SUPPLEMENTS……You have to eat enough to feed and build your muscles. A toned, muscular body will burn the fat and keep it off!

If you are on a severe calorie restriction diet, you are losing weight (mainly muscle mass loss) but not building muscle! And, this is where the trouble starts. When you are focused on quick weight loss instead of fat loss, this will give you even more weight regain (yo-yo effect) when you begin to eat right.

So, eat enough during the day—a small meal about every 3-4 hours. And don’t skip your post-workout meal. You don’t have to eat immediately after your workout. There is a 30-45 minute “window of opportunity” where replenishing your body’s fuel (carbs, protein, fats) will optimize your tissue’s repair and muscle growth. If you miss this “window of opportunity” it is gone forever. A carb/protein shake will work well.

Many of you don’t have the willpower to reach your fat loss goals. There are many reasons for this. I won’t play doctor here but your motivation needs to be realistic. Unrealistic goals (like lose 30 pounds in 10 days) can leave you mentally and physically exhausted with disappointing results.

Here’s some other motivation tips for you:

1. These types of motivations will work: a) exercise and eat right because its good for YOU and YOU CARE ABOUT YOU and b) exercise because you enjoy it (find exercise types that you enjoy)!

2. Set short-term and long-term goals. A good short-term goal would be to cut sugary foods and drinks from your diet for the week. A longer term goal would be to follow your total meal plan for a week, two weeks, etc. Reward yourself with each victory!

You could do the same type thing with exercise….maybe you can’t do sprint cardio intervals just yet. Start with fast-walking cardio intervals, work up to jogging intervals and then sprint cardio intervals.

You can reach your fat loss goals! Stay with it—YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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