Everyone needs weight loss partners! Don’t try to do weight loss alone! Going it alone will hurt your chances to achieve permanent weight loss. Why? Because permanent weight loss takes a lifetime commitment from you….lifetime commitments are hard to keep all by yourself.

Research has proven that you are more likely to succeed with your weight loss and fat loss goals if you have a weight loss partner (social support or accountability partner). Who are your weight loss partners? It helps to have more than one because life’s events are unpredictable.

Here are some examples of good weight loss partners:

1. Spouse
2. Friend
3. Personal trainer
4. Brother/Sister
5. Exercise group (bootcamps, group classes, neighborhood groups, running groups)
6. Teammate
7. Co-worker
8. Social website like Buddyslim

Basically, your weight loss partner could be anyone who knows what you are attempting to do and will encourage you along the way (even tough love if necessary). Weight loss partners are great if they are serious about fitness and have made commitments similar to your own. You hold each other accountable.

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