by Kevin DiDonato, MS, CSCS, CES

Are you fat, tired, and unhappy with your appearance?  When you look in the mirror, do you see a protruding belly and NO SIX pack abs?  Have you tried everything from exercise to eating right – all to no avail?

What may be happening is this: you may be lacking essential nutrients in your diet which may INCREASE your fat burning potential.

But more importantly, if you find yourself overweight, you may have some deadly tissue growing inside your body.  And it may be wrapping itself around your organs.  This may INCREASE your risk for developing chronic diseases.  And those nutrients may be a KEY to fighting this nasty type of fat.

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What am I talking about?  The connection between vitamin D, calcium and visceral fat!  Give me a moment and I will open your eyes to the newest research that is sweeping the nation.  And it may help banish your BELLY FLAB forever!

Visceral Fat

There are two types of fat in your body: subcutaneous and visceral.  One fat lies on TOP of your muscles, preventing you from seeing your six pack abs.  The other lies deeper, closer to your vital organs.  Chances are, if you have a protruding belly – then you may have MORE visceral fat.

Visceral fat may be deadly to your body’s fat burning potential, and also to your HEALTH.  In fact, the more visceral fat you have may increase your risk of developing CHRONIC DISEASES.  Visceral fat is commonly referred to as intra-abdominal fat.

This type of fat may be found in between and around your organs – even wrapped around your heart!  And when it is wrapped around your heart, your risk for heart disease may increase.  The problem with visceral fat: it may consist of more than just one type of fat.  In fact, it may be made up of THREE different types!  And they may all reside in a “pocket” in your fat cells.

And these pockets may be FILLED TO THE BRIM with nasty FAT.  You might be asking yourself if there is a way to rid yourself of visceral fat.  I am here to say YES, you may be able to cleanse your body of this disease-causing fat!

But first…

Protein and Weight Loss

Protein may provide the building blocks you need to maintain lean muscle tissue on your body.  And lean muscle may BOOST your metabolism, possibly leading to a tone and lean body.  There are different ways to increase your intake of dietary protein:

• Lean meats

• Nuts

• Protein supplements

However, with a hectic lifestyle you may be TOO busy and have very little time throughout your day to make a chicken breast or some kind of lean meat.  And you may have forgotten to replenish your stack of nuts.

The next best way is to mix your favorite protein powder with a tall glass of low fat milk or coconut milk.  This may give you good fats and an ample protein supply, which may be vital for lean muscle development.  Plus, it may provide more vitamin D and calcium, which may stimulate your body to burn MORE visceral fat.


Let me explain…

Vitamin D, Calcium, and Fat Loss

Researchers may have determined that vitamin D and calcium TOGETHER may be a potent one-two punch for weight loss.  And not your regular run-of-the-mill fat loss, but a potent fighter against visceral fat.  These researchers have determined that a large percentage of Americans may be lacking in calcium and vitamin D.  And this may lead to an increase in obesity.

In a similar study, researchers determined that youth who may be lacking in vitamin D, may be one key for the rise in youth obesity.

Now back to the ADULT study!  The researchers recruited 171 participants with an average age of 40.  They were randomly assigned to one of two groups: one with fortified orange juice (both regular and lite), and the other as a placebo.  The results were ASTOUNDING!  Both groups showed insignificant weight loss.  Insignificant weight loss means that it might have been statistically insignificant.  However, the group who had the fortified orange juice – lost 12.7 cm of visceral fat.  The control group lost only 1.3 cm.  Plus, the participants in the “lite” version – lost a dramatic 13.1 cm of visceral fat.  The control group in the lite version lost only 6.4 cm.

Their researchers concluded that vitamin D, in combination with Calcium supplementation, may reduce visceral fat deposits.  Even though this research is new and needs further study on the exact mechanism, the results may prove promising for reducing central obesity.

What Can You Do?

Obesity has grown to epic proportions.  And these numbers may continue to climb in the foreseeable future.  Being overweight or obese may increase your chances of developing chronic diseases.  In fact, the longer you hold onto your FAT may dramatically increase your risk.

There are two types of fat in your body: subcutaneous and visceral.  Visceral fat may be DEADLY to your health.  Including more calcium and vitamin D may increase your body’s ability to BOOST VISCERAL FAT BURNING, thereby banishing it FOREVER.

Including more foods that supply your body with adequate vitamin D and calcium may provide a powerful one-two punch for visceral fat loss.

Including a product, like Prograde Lean, may increase your protein intake, possibly supplying your body with the building blocks it needs to maintain lean muscle tissue.

Mix it with a glass of a low fat, organic dairy product, or your favorite fortified juice and you maybe one your way to increasing your weight loss, especially the loss of nasty visceral fat.

Download your Free Report, “What to Never Eat After You Workout!” Fuel your body all day to give you better results during and after workouts.

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