Plyometrics or jump exercises, and other high intensity exercises, burn fat and give you more shapely,toned legs.

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If your exercise program is stalling your progress, ramp up the intensity of your workouts. Jumps, sprints and circuit weight training are good examples that help you burn more fat and lose more weight—sooner!

If you have been doing your squats, lunges and step-ups that’s great. Keep doing them. But, you need to mix it up a little with some jump training. Jump training has many benefits which include: burning body fat, strengthening bones and increasing power.

Plyometrics is high intensity training, placing great stress on the bones, joints, and connective tissue. Jump training places you at greater risk of injury than less intense training exercises. It is important to perform the exercises correctly before implementation of full-speed exercises.

Jumping and landing techniques should be mastered. Exercises should be performed on safe surfaces such as rubber mats, sprung floors, grass or sand. Concrete or other similar hard surfaces expose you to injury. And, you should have good core and lower body strength to reduce chances of injury.

Here are some workout tips for jump training:

1. Jump rope for at least 10 minutes every day (if your knees and back allow). A 10 minute jump rope warm-up before your workout always gets the job done. Actually, a 20-minute interval jump roping session is one of the best fat-burners and body-sculptors available. Try it for cardio at least once a week.

2. Do at least one workout a week that includes mainly jumping exercises. Squat jumps, tuck jumps, cone jumps, jumping jacks, jump rope and pike jumps are some examples. Full speed jumps will give you more fat loss and weight loss.

3. Include at least one jumping exercise in your regular workout routine.

4. If you need a change up from jumping, run sprint intervals. Sprints are also top fat-burners and body-sculptors.

Do no more than 2 jump training workouts a week.

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2 thoughts on “Use Plyometrics for Shapely, Toned Legs

  1. Great article on the benefits of pylometric training.

    As you’ve stated it is so important to mix training up to keep it fresh, stop boredom and also stop the body from “cheating” and plateauing.

    Thank you for also helping people to recognize that this is training that is intense and to perform it no more than twice a week.

    I noticed that you mentioned doing Sprint-Training in place of jump training if needed. I found a great way to increase that intensity of this type of training is with resistance bands, especially if you have limited room available. Find a strong sturdy anchor and place the band around your waist and run…

    The heart rate will increase and the legs and lungs will burn. This is also a great too for people who are traveling as well and may only have a hotel room for a gym floor.

    I hope this idea helps someone

    Great blog


    1. Hey Dawn! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment about resistance bands. There are many ways to get the job done. Hopefully, people will find the exercise modes they enjoy and stick with it. I will definitely check out your site!

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