Ballet is great exercise to burn fat……..Ballet is one of the toughest activities that you can do…..don’t believe me—try it seriously for 15 minutes…..fall on your face yet?!  Ballet requires incredible strength, dynamic flexibility, power (tried those jumps lately?) and dynamic balance.   If you need a change of pace for your exercise, then try ballet once or twice a week…..

Extending and stretching your body out in all the positions that ballet requires is hard work. This in turn will improve your core strength, overall strength and burn fat—try standing up straight and extending your leg behind you gracefully!

Tried a pirouette lately? A pirouette requires superior dynamic balance. Ballet also requires spinning, lifting, leaping, and twirling. There’s nothing like ballet. Improve your fitness level while burning fat and losing weight! 

Sign up for that ballet class and get started already!

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