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You might think that one deep breath is all it takes to enjoy the benefits of an essential oil, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, these natural oils do more than just smell good; they have a wealth of benefits that will inspire you to make them a part of your daily routine. Below are the five best places to start, as these particular essential oils have the potential to improve your health.

lemon oil


Oregano isn’t just a pizza topping. It might be surprising that oregano comes in essential-oil form, but those who have discovered it have uncovered a plethora of health benefits. For one, it has anti-viral, antibacterial, and immune-boosting properties; this means that it can help your body ward off pathogenic infections and free radicals more effectively. It can be taken by mouth to soothe the symptoms of colds, fatigue, arthritis, and the flu, while a topical application lessens the effects of an insect bite or toothache.


Perhaps more so than oregano, peppermint is a scent and flavor that people can easily identify. This zesty essential oil most often works its wonders on a not-so-fresh mouth, but that shouldn’t be your only use for peppermint. Instead, this essential oil can quell a queasy stomach or soothe tired muscles when applied topically. The crisp aroma can also help fight congestion when it’s dropped into a bowl of steamy water and inhaled. Furthermore, a dab of peppermint on your throat and beneath your nose can have the same decongesting effects as a vapor rub from your local drug store.


Perhaps it’s not a surprise that sweet-smelling rose oil tackles a slew of women’s health issues. Rose oil can soothe some of the side effects of PMS and menopause by evening your balance of hormones. It can also smooth your skin and improve your dermal health; that’s why it’s incorporated into so many lotions and salves. The natural fragrance doesn’t hurt, either.


Clove oil wafts a spicier, earthier scent. It is much more than its signature aroma, though; in fact, clove oil can be purchased over the counter at many pharmacies because of its effectiveness in soothing tooth and gum pain. Some users also rely on clove oil to improve their breath. But not all of the benefits revolve around dental care. A dilution of clove oil can treat such topical ailments as bug bites and cuts; it can also be used to combat digestion issues, congestion, and headaches. Some even believe that it’s a potential hangover remedy.


When it comes to investing in and comparing oils, you can’t leave out those of the citrus variety. A lemon’s bright-yellow color hints at the fact that this perky essential oil is sometimes employed as an anti-depressant; to that end, it also soothes anxiety and insomnia. This oil can also lessen inflammation, decrease blood pressure, facilitate the healing of ulcers, fight headaches, and keep your nervous system running normally.

There’s no need to buy expensive medicines for everyday ailments when you have essential oils handy. Use these five oils to begin your exploration of this natural, time-tested way to improve your health.

BIO: Alicia Lawrence is a content coordinator for a tech company and writes for and   Her husband is a personal trainer and as a family they make it a top priority to live healthy.

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