by: Jayson Hunter, Registered Dietitian, CSCS

Women can lose weight faster when following a structured and nutritious diet.

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There are tons Low-Carb Diet and No-Carb Diet myths confusing women who are trying to lose weight fast.

I’m not going to be the one to lie to you and tell you that you can’t ever eat carbs again. There are more and more stories every day from those that have tried to eat a long term low-carb diet. It’s time the truth was told and we put and end to these Low-Carb and No-Carb Diet Myths.

I want all women looking to lose weight fast to know the following Low-Carb Diet and No-Carb Diet myths like the back of their hand. I believe by shattering the following myths, women worldwide will be better served and more apt to lose weight quickly.

First Low-Carb and No-Carb Diet Myth: Your body doesn’t need carbs so you don’t need to eat them. You will survive just fine without them.

False: Your body does need carbs for energy and more importantly your brain feeds off of sugar which primarily comes from carbs. When you don’t adequately eat enough carbohydrates for long periods of time, your body suffers. This is a very inefficient way to lose weight because in time your body can start releasing hormones to prevent any future weight loss.

Second Low-Carb and No-Carb Diet Myth: You won’t crave carbs when on a low-carb diet.

False: When you deprive yourself of a major nutrient, your body tries to start utilizing other nutrients to do the job carbs normally do. Your body has to rely on protein and fat to be converted for energy. As I mentioned above, this is very inefficient and your body suffers because it can’t use the protein and fat for what they are intended for. Your body will crave carbs as a result of this.

Third Low-Carb and No-Carb Diet Myth: You can eat this way the rest of your life and it is perfectly healthy for you.

False: It is extremely difficult to eat this way for the rest of your life and in time your body will suffer due to the constant attempts to make up for the carb deficiency. Are you seeing the common recurring theme here? Your body will eventually suffer when trying to eat this way for long periods of time.

Fourth Low-Carb and No-Carb Diet Myth: At least you will lose weight with this diet and it will stay off.

False: You will end up gaining back any of the weight you may have lost because you go back to your old ways of eating. The take home message is to avoid low-carb and no carb-diets. Instead learning to control your carb intake by carb rotating is a much healthier alternative.

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