You can tone your abs and not spend your hard-earned money on gadgets, many of which don’t work. And, some of these gadgets create muscle imbalances and/or injuries.

It seems like there’s a new infomercial every day about some fitness gadget.. I’m not here to review products right now. I’m just telling you that you already have what it takes to tone your abs and total body. A major part of what it takes is, well, your body.

Start with bodyweight exercises to tone your abs and entire body. So, you don’t really need machines at the gym either. You will get better results by not doing ab exercises on machines. Machines stabilize your body for you and don’t allow you to move your body naturally (functionally).

You get faster, lasting results when you do exercises that force the body to stabilize itself. Examples are side planks, glute bridges, ab ball rollouts and medicine ball chops.

Exercises done standing or done with the support of your hands (or arms) and feet (or legs) will challenge you more and give you better strength and fat loss results. In other words, the less equipment you use the better.

Depend more on bodyweight exercises and free weight exercises to get the results you want.

Train hard and smart!

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