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If you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, finding the right kind of foods to eat is essential. Many dieters have discovered that a diet of the most filling foods can help them eat less.

Are you struggling to reach your weight loss goal? Can a diet of the most filling foods help? Yes, but remember, filling doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Your diet should focus on the most filling healthy foods.

  • Fiber rich foods are a good choice because they make you feel full on less volume, preventing you from overeating.
  • Foods rich in protein are another good choice. Protein provides staying power by helping keep blood sugar levels from spiking too high or falling too low between meals.
  • Include the healthiest fats such as avocado, nuts, olive oil, and fatty fish like salmon and sardines to give you a feeling of fullness.
  • The chemical compound of foods can determine how satisfying they are. Beans and lentils contain anti-nutrients which delay their absorption and make you feel full longer.
  • Foods naturally rich in water can also make you feel full also, but for a shorter period of time.

Some of the most filling foods include sweets and bad fats … but of course try to SKIP them. Instead, choose from among these filling healthy foods during and between meals to help keep you full throughout the day.

#1:  Eggs – Start your day with eggs. Studies show that eating eggs for breakfast can help in your weight battle. Women who ate eggs for breakfast lost more weight than those who had bagels with the same number of calories. The protein will keep your hunger in check and provide lots of energy.

#2:  BerriesGet more staying power. Berries are some of the highest fiber fruits around. One cup of raspberries has 8 grams of fiber, twice what you’d get in an apple, for only 65 calories (a medium apple has 95 calories and only 4.4 grams of fiber). Frozen berries are available year round, so add them to protein shakes or yogurt for a filling meal or snack.

#3:  Vegetable soup – Start your meal with soup. Vegetable soup is low in calories, broth-based and full of high-fiber foods. You’ll be satisfied with a smaller portion of your main meal. Homemade soups are great to make when you have time, then freeze for a quick meal when you need it.

#4:  Whole Fruits –Whole fruit is a tasty and filling healthy food. They’re high in fiber, which contributes to fullness. Especially juicy fruits such as watermelons, peaches, and grapes also have high water content, which gives you a feeling of fullness. Plus, most whole fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

#5:  Fish –  Fish is one of the most concentrated sources of protein and is healthy in so many respects. Unfortunately fish today can be highly contaminated with toxins, so be sure to choose a safe fish to eat.

#6:  Black Beans – Toss them into a soup or salad. Beans are high in fiber and are another good source of protein. A half-cup of black beans will give you about 8 grams of protein along with 8 grams of fiber. Don’t overlook navy, pinto, and kidney beans, which are all healthy, filling and satisfying as well.

 #7:  Broccoli Load up. Vegetables are filling foods because they’re full of calorie-free fiber and water. Broccoli is one of the highest fiber vegetables. One cup of chopped cooked broccoli has 6 grams of fiber and only 50 calories, making broccoli a terrific hunger-busting food. Other vegetables to incorporate into your diet include kale, spinach, dark green lettuces, mushrooms, and carrots.

#8:  Oats – Avoid feeling famished. Oatmeal for breakfast provides enough energy to last until lunch. Oats are one of the most filling natural foods due to their fiber content. More importantly for feeling full, they are rich in soluble fiber, a type of fiber that absorbs water and expands in your stomach.

#9:  Nuts – Go crazy for nuts. A handful of nuts or seeds between meals are a great way to keep hunger pangs away. Nuts are high in protein and provide healthy fats. Both protein and fats contribute to fullness because your body processes them slowly. An ounce of nuts a day can help keep you feeling satisfied.

#10:  Quinoa – Try this high protein grain. Quinoa stands out among grains because it has more protein than most grains, about 8 grams per cup. Grains are great filling foods because they are loaded with fiber. Barley and bulgur are also great choices, with 31.2g and 25.6g of fiber per serving respectively.

The Best Healthy Filling Foods for Losing Weight

A diet full of filling healthy foods is the perfect start to cutting calories and losing weight. So, reach for those foods rich in protein, fiber, omega-3 fats, and a healthy supply of water and you’re well on your way.

Now if you want the very best results for losing weight, you should also take the next step: include foods that cause accelerated fat burning in your body and exclude foods that prevent fat burning.

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