3 Diet Tips Keep Fat Cells Small and Happy

By Mike Roussell, PhD One thing that is hard for people to wrap their head around is that their fat cells are there to stay. This isn’t horrible news because your fat cells have an incredible ability to not just expand, but shrink as well. So you can get the lean body you desire without […]

5 Tummy Types and How to Burn the Fat

by Skinny Gene Project For many of us, springtime is our favorite time of year.  The flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining; it’s like Mother Nature herself is begging us to come out and play. But then on the other hand, some of us think springtime means one thing – 90 days until bathing ...

Would a home gym help you hone those abs?

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t escape the fact it’s difficult to stay in shape without seeing the inside of a gym. However, there’s nothing to say you need to leave the house to head into that gym. If you regularly use lack of time or the need to travel as an […]