by Kim Peterson, Common Sense Health

How well are you playing the game? To reflect on the past few days of our 21 Day Mental Fitness Diet…

do well be well

Smile, Smile, Smile…

What impact do you think that will have on your overall outlook?

Fake It Till You Make It!

Fake your way to feeling great and in short order you may find yourself actually making it happen.

“The man who is practicing the art of being alive to its full extent has an alert, receptive brain and an awakened spirit. Without these he would simply be a splendid animal. With these he is the highest expression of the Creative Power visible to mortal vision. And with these he finds his opportunities for happiness, usefulness, and pleasure in existence threefold.”

What would you do differently today if you knew you could not fail? Take a step back and look at the possibilities. Then feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY!

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