The soccer throw with medicine ball is a great power exercise that tones your upper body and improves your core strength. The soccer throw is an advanced core exercise that is usually done at full speed.  Power exercises train your muscles to fire faster and tone your upper body sooner.


Do the soccer throw at full speed if your body is ready for the intensity.  Practice at less than full speed to perfect your technique and avoid injuries.  Use a medicine ball that is 10% of your bodyweight if you can throw a ball this heavy at full speed. If not, start with a lighter ball.

Be sure to also use your legs as you throw the medicine ball. If you don’t use your legs, you won’t be able to throw at full speed. Don’t stand straight up as you throw. Keep your back leg straight and your front leg bent.

Medicine ball exercises are a good change up from just lifting weights.  You are able to use natural body motions with medicine ball exercises.

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