If you want to shape your hips and thighs faster, do more side lunges!  I don’t see alot of women doing side lunges and this is a mistake….every woman I know hates “saddle bag hips” and “jiggling-jelly thighs! 

Side lunge girl

Ladies, get off of the seated hip adductor and hip abductor machines and do more exercises like side lunges.  You will also get more fat-burning and calorie-burning benefit from exercises done standing.  Do as many compound strength exercises (with weights or bodyweight) standing up as possible. These types of exercises work major muscle groups and many times are full-body strength exercises. Squats, deadlift and lunges are great examples. 

Do you have stubborn lower body fat?  Side lunges done as part of a leg circuit workout is a tried and true method to burn more leg fat, increase strength/endurance and improve heart health.   You will also have chiseled glutes, hips, thighs and calves if you stay with it!

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20 thoughts on “Shape Your Hips and Thighs With Side Lunges

  1. Hey…thanks so much for the article…very helpful. 🙂

    I wanted to get your advice. I want the shape my thighs (slim them down), shape my butt, and shed my love handles.

    I am a 20-year-old female, not over-weight, but would like to loose a few pounds.
    I LOVE to eat sweets. My BIGGEST problem.

    I wanted to ask you if there are other things I can do besides this exercise that will reach my goal. What do you suggest my general food plan would be?
    I play tennis twice I week, does that help?


    1. Hi Eri! Thanks for stopping by….first, replace your sweet foods with healthy sweet foods like fruit. And, if you like sweet drinks, replace them with water and unsweetened drinks like tea. When you eat alot of sugars, they tend to be stored as fat in your abdominal area. Try to limit sugary foods and drinks as much as possible.

      Go to this link and download my free fat loss tips and free workout books http://www.yourfitnessuniversity.com/toptenfatlosstips.html Keep playing tennis because it is one of the best exercise options out there.

      Since you are vegetarian, make sure you get enough calcium, iron, protein and vitamin B12 in your diet. Some vegetarians take supplements when their diet is lacking. Eat protein with every meal and it will help you eat less. Let me know how its going!

    1. Mona…the best thing to do is include these exercises in your regular workouts. Also, work your upper body regularly and interval cardio. If you eat properly, you will see significant changes in 2-3 weeks. But, don’t exercise for that purpose. Keep exercising for the longterm to permanently change your whole body.

  2. EXCELLENT ARTICLE!! As someone who has worked out for 20+ years, all forms of lunges and squats with or without weight seem to be the best and effective results for my body. Thank you for helpful article and tips!

  3. Thanks for the visit and question Brandi! First, the goal is to shape and tone your total body with full-body strength training. This way, you build muscle and burn fat while losing weight. This will also speed your metabolism and help you keep the weight off (if you continue to train). Second, if you have problem areas, you can do extra exercises like side lunges, side step ups, planks, back extensions, diagonal chops, medicine ball rotations, etc. to further shape and tone your butt, hips, thighs and core area. Last but not least, watch what you eat, like sugars, processed foods, fast foods, etc. If you don’t eat right, many times the fat settles in your abdominal and hip areas. Read my Butt Blaster series on this site and get My Daily Fat Loss Manager if you need more help.

  4. Thanks for the visit Ash! Yes, side lunges will help to tone and shape your hips….add dumbbells to “grow your hip muscles” more but be careful not to do too much!!

  5. Great post! Oh and hey, remember when I said that I was in a size 14 and because of your workouts got to be able to put on my size 10’s but they were too tight?? Not anymore!!! I can wear them now!! Yahoo!

    1. how long did it take for you to get into side 10?!!! and how many times of outwork do you do? each workout lasted for………

      thanks thanks…just want to know some positive info, been working out for a wedding, but result been slow.

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