Scapular wall slides will locate and correct problems with your posture at the same time….it will help to keep your shoulders from slouching forward (rounding). Scapular wall slides are great for working your low trap muscles.

The low traps are often under-worked by many people.  There has been more than one shoulder injury because of scapular problems. It also helps to improve your posture because you have to keep your chest up and shoulder blades down and back. Many people’s shoulder blades are spread out too far and misaligned.


1. Lean back against a wall with your feet about 8 inches from the wall.

2. Keep your shoulders, arms, hips and head against the wall at all times.

3. Keep your arms up and slide your forearms on the wall. At the bottom of the slide, you should feel a pinching sensation between your shoulder blades. Hold for 3 counts and return to the starting position by sliding your arms back up the wall.

Use scapular wall slides as a warmup or as an exercise during your workout.

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