Do you remember the days when you could eat just about anything you wanted and your waistline wouldn’t suffer? Gone are the times when you could shovel tons of carbs into your mouth without concern that your stomach and thighs would show the evidence.

The minute you hit your mid to late twenties, you can be guaranteed that your body will begin to betray you and almost demand that you only feed it lean and healthy things. One of the things that suffers when your metabolism slows down is your body’s ability to keep weight off and this can directly affect your cardiac health too.

Eat These 3 Foods to Burn More Belly Fat

Specifically speaking to cardiac issues, you can always take supplements like Cardio Advanced to help you regulate and bolster your heart health – but what about your metabolism? What can you do to make things better overall? Your metabolic rate doesn’t just affect your weight, it affects how your body processes everything and it also speaks to how your body distributes and designates energy. Below are a few simple things you can do to help rev up your metabolism and keep your body fit and healthy:

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1. One of the most common reasons that people feel tired and sluggish or that their bodies feel heavy is because they are not adequately hydrated. Juice and power drinks all have their place but nothing hydrates like water. Those 8 glasses a day that you keep hearing about are actually very important to helping your body rid itself of clogging toxins and impurities. Also with water comes a flow of oxygen to your blood and cells. With this renewed sense of hydration, your metabolism is bound to be fired up!

2. We hear it all the time about people who don’t eat breakfast – and they usually have very interesting excuses. This is hurting your metabolism. Your body needs fuel not just to create energy but also, eating breakfast tells the body, “hey it’s time to wake up and get things done.” A healthy breakfast is a good way to get energy and to jump start your metabolism for the day. It helps the body anticipate a day of movement and mobility.

3. Insufficient rest can grind your metabolism to a screeching halt. The time for sleep gives your body the opportunity to replenish energy sources and to allow you the opportunity to process key functions. With a good restful sleep, you will be able to wake up more refreshed and less sluggish. Make sure you get your 40 winks today! Power naps are good to, so don’t forget to have them.

4. A good work out will do more than just help you burn fat and lose weight – it will also help increase your metabolism almost instantly. Go for a brisk walk in the morning, get your blood flowing and start energizing yourself. Additionally, build metabolically active muscle mass and improve cardiac health with regular circuit weight training and interval cardio sessions. Stay active during the day to keep your metabolism and fat burning enzymes active. All movement burns calories.

Your personal trainer, nutritionist and doctor can help you to find whole, natural foods you can eat to help increase or re-energize your metabolism. It’s just as important what you eat to when you eat when you want to stay energized the entire day.

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