Restart your exercise program today. Nothing will be different tomorrow. You can burn 1% – 2% in body fat over a week’s time. The biggest barrier to starting any project is “getting started.”

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The top reasons I see for people not starting exercise are 1) “not knowing what to do or where to start” and 2) “fear of setting and attaining goals.”

Research has proven that setting low goals or no goals will bring you very little success. There are many reasons why you might not want to set fitness goals. A trainer can help you visualize your goals during the first consultation.

One quick way to start getting active again is to just start walking every day. You don’t have to think about a program—just start walking 20-30 minutes every day. After a week or so, you could start thinking about a more formal training program. You might need a trainer to help you jumpstart your exercise.

Start doing something active. Do you like to dance? Go dancing.

Its not enough to just lose weight. I could lose 10 pounds in 2 days by starving and dehydrating myself. I would also look and feel miserable. More than likely, I would binge eat the next 2 days and gain more weight than I lost. That’s the general result of and yo-yo weight loss and regain.

There has to be more to it than just losing weight, right? What about eating right, exercising and being healthy? You may say, “I’ve tried that and it didn’t work!” I say, “Try it again!” Or, maybe, you didn’t stay with your exercise and meal plan long enough to see real results. Either way, try again (with guidance). There’s plenty of things in life that you have attempted over and over until you succeeded.

For example, if you want to sculpt your body, you will have to do more weight training workouts. Do more weight training exercises that test your balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. This might require that you put that old favorite workout on the shelf and try something new. If you do, I guarantee you will burn more fat and lose more weight.

For instance:

1. Incorporate many one-legged exercises such as step ups, single leg squats, lunges, single leg good mornings, single leg medicine ball exercises, etc. These types of exercises are more intense than two-legged exercises.

2. Exercise your body in all 3 planes of motion to improve fat burning and multi-planar balance. An example would be doing clock lunges.

Get started exercising today already!

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2 thoughts on “Restart Exercise Today, Tomorrow Never Happens

  1. I love your posts, they are always full of great info! I have trouble with my plan due to many obstacles: 2 surgeries on each knee, scoliosis, 2 car accidents causing back/ neck issues, asthma and then food allergies, I can’t have any gluten, dairy or yeast and I don’t eat red meat. I am at a good weight for my height (132 lbs at 5’6″), but I lack tone. I do floor exercises, an elliptical machine, a ball & bands. My knees are so bad that I can’t do anything that causes stress. So, I can’t seem to figure out how to rid my thighs of cellulite. Do you offer advice or just these posts? Just curious, I figure the worst you can say is “No”. 🙂 Either way, I will continue to enjoy reading your posts! Thanks!

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