Andie MacDowell doesn’t diet and looks great. Its proof that not all Hollywood actresses are on some fad diet. Got it? Good.

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I listened to Andie talk during one of the great sessions at Prevention’s R3 Summit this past weekend in Austin, Texas. She is a stunning beauty, both inside and out, and very gracious. Beauty and grace–not a combination we always see in Hollywood stars.

Andie has been in front of the camera for three decades and at 56, is definitely her own woman and comfortable in her skin. The accomplished model, actress, and mother of three had many valuable words for us all.

So, what’s the latest diet you have tried because a Hollywood actress said to do so? Well, Andie says, “I don’t diet.” I would follow her advice.

Here are a few other highlights from her sessions and interviews:

Eat Well and Use Dietary Supplements Wisely – Andie basically says that she has learned how to eat well and thrive. She eats foods from the earth, i.e., whole natural foods like fruits, veggies and greens. And, listening to her speak, I would say salads are what she eats most of the time. Her dietary supplements don’t include weight loss pills and fat burner supplements.

Be Happy – She has found her happiness in life and likes where she is at. In her words, “I have done all that (lavish living) and don’t need it to be happy.” Keep in mind, she could still do all that if she wanted too.

Don’t Let Society Define You – Andie learned not to worry or try to live up to the societal pressures placed on someone in her craft. I assure you, she is not rail thin and missing meals. She looks vibrant and healthy.

Learn How to Love Your Age – Andie says, “It’s easy until someone tells me something negative about my age. Those are hard—when you see negative messages about getting older. But I like my age. I’m very happy. I feel creative. I feel good about what I’m doing right now—I have hope for the future.”

That Exercise Thing – On staying active, Andie says, “I love to go for a walk and go outside. Exercise has always been my greatest relief. It was harder when I had the little kids, but I knew that if I ran for 30 minutes I’d be a better person. So I did.”

“Now I’ll go for an hour and a half hike every day when I’m not working. It’s fantastic. I can actually go for a hike and do yoga in the same day sometimes.”

I’m glad I was there for the R3…..make plans to be there next year. It will help you live better.

Be like Andie MacDowell. Don’t diet. Eat and live well.

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