Add power to your workouts by speeding up your workouts, ramping up your metabolism and burning more fat. Add some excitement to your workouts while working out smarter!

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Doing the same slow, steady workout routine can get boring with small results. Shorten your workouts and speed them up to get the fat loss results you want—-FASTER!

Power is the ability to exert maximum muscle force in the shortest amount of time (rate-of-force production). Because power exercises are so intense and done full speed, they are great for burning body fat.

Among other benefits, power exercises recruit more muscle fibers (mainly fast-twitch fibers) more frequently which helps the fat-burning process. Recruiting your fast-twitch muscle fibers during your workouts will give you a more lean, toned looking body. Your workouts will also be more efficient (get more done in less time).

Here is a good power workout:

Warmup – Jog, 3 minutes; Butt Kickers (run-in-place), 5 sets/15 sec

Bodyweight Squats – moderate pace, 12 repetitions

Push Ups – fast, 12 repetitions

Squat Jumps – fast, 10 repetitions

Medicine Ball Diagonal Chops – fast, 10 repetitions each side

Inverted Rows – moderate pace, 10 repetitions

Power Step Ups – fast and controlled, 10 repetitions each leg

Medicine Ball 2-Handed Chest Pass – fast, 10 repetitions

Rest 3-5 minutes and repeat circuit.

There are plenty of other power exercises you could choose—pick ones that you enjoy.

Use these tips to speed up your metabolism, burn more fat and lose more weight:

1. Do not skip meals (eat 4 to 6 small meals a day). Eating actually keeps your metabolism ramped up during the day.

2. Regular exercise (cardio 2-3 days/weight training 3 days).

3. Build more muscle mass. Muscle tissue is metabolically active tissue.

4. Avoid too much alcohol and sugar.

5. Eat foods with high nutritional value (such as fiber and protein). Your body has to work harder to digest these foods. This also keeps you full longer and helps you eat less.

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