Burn your post-baby fat as soon as you can. Don’t let post-baby fat follow you to subsequent baby births, if possible. Excess weight/fat gain and failure to lose this weight six months postpartum are predictors of long-term obesity, according to research.

Exercise plays a huge part in the fat-burning process. Many women continue to do strength and cardio training well into the third trimester of their pregnancies. Sometimes medical conditions don’t allow much exercise. After the birth of your baby, resume your regular workouts as soon as you can.

You also need a good fat loss diet. A fat loss diet also plays a huge part in the success of your fat loss and weight loss efforts. I’m not a woman, but I have a friend who has gone through the baby birth and fat loss process. She also happens to be a nutrition expert.

A fat loss diet will help you maintain your energy. You will never be hungry or starving because you will eat every 3-4 hours. The food items will be nutritious and help you burn fat. You will eat enough to fuel your intense weight training and cardio workouts. Without these workouts, its impossible to build muscle mass and lean out your body.

If you want “The TRUTH” when it comes to losing post-baby fat with proper nutrition, you have to check out my friend’s site.

Isabel De Los Rios is one of America’s top nutrition experts and educators and the author of The Diet Solution Program. She has helped hundreds of people lose weight. Don’t miss her Free Report “The Top 5 Essential Truths You Must Know Before You Go on Any Diet Ever Again.”

Isabel is the owner of New Body – Center for Fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey where she has personally educated and coached hundreds of people to realize their weight, health and fitness goals.

As a nutrition specialist and lifestyle coach, it is Isabel’s passion to educate, motivate and inspire people of all types to take daily action in order to realize their physical and personal dreams and goals.

Stop the guessing game when it comes to your eating habits and start reshaping your post-baby body! There are no fads, no pills and no starvation. Just nutrition advice from a woman who has sculpted her body after childbirth.

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