Nutrition timing is the key to helping you build muscle and burn fat as you shape and tone your body.

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One problem that women face when trying to burn fat and lose weight is that they don’t eat enough. If you eat too little, you are working against what you are trying to accomplish.

Your body will go into “starvation mode” and store fat because it thinks you are starving….Calculate your calorie needs here.

Feed your muscles and they will grow… won’t get bulky! The weight training (including bodyweight exercises) and interval cardio training will help you build muscle and burn the fat.

So, don’t skip your post-workout meal. It is important to help your body recover from intense exercise (especially weight training). You don’t have to eat immediately after your workout.

There is a 30-45 minute “window of opportunity” where replenishing your body’s fuel (carbs, protein, fats) will optimize your tissue’s repair and growth. If you miss this “window of opportunity” it is gone forever. A carb/protein shake will work well.

You have to eat enough of the right foods (all the time) for your body to work properly—whether exercising, working, walking or just plain living.

–Why your workouts just might be a complete waste of your time.

–A research proven ratio of nutrients your body craves as soon as you stop exercising.

–How your body is literally being robbed of the results you are working so hard to attain.

–The stone-cold truth about the consequences your body suffers through by fueling it incorrectly.

–And, of course, exactly what to NEVER eat after you workout.

Eat to build muscle and burn fat! Train hard and smart!

Download your Free Report, “What to Never Eat After You Workout!” Fuel your body all day to give you better results during and after workouts.

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