I don’t do bootcamps but my friend Sarah Rippel has one of the best–Baton Rouge Bootcamp!  Sarah is a person who practices what she preaches…..she works out hard and pushes her clients to reach their fat loss goals!

Here are a few of her words:   “Are you ready to work hard, yet have FUN with your workouts?  Are you tired of not seeing results?  Are you bored with going to the gym?  Then Baton Rouge Bootcamp is for you!

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Baton Rouge Bootcamp is Baton Rouge’s BEST outdoor group fitness experience!  Led by myself, Fitness Professional Sarah Rippel, the workouts are intense, yet at the right level for each participant.  I personally design each workout with the goal of keeping the group moving, progressing, and laughing!”

What are you waiting for?  Get signed up already!

Download your Free Dumbbell and Medicine Ball Metabolic Fat Burner Workouts and start shaping your body faster!

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