My interval cardio workout is usually pretty simple and tough….cardio bores me to tears so it needs to be fast and effective!  There was a little twist to my sprints on grass today….

I ran AGAINST THE WIND (about 15-20 mph!)… was tough running those 60 yard sprints!  I was done in 20 minutes (literally)!  But it accomplished my goal—heart-health, fat-burn and exercise outdoors!  Exercising outdoors is important for my enjoyment of exercise…..enjoyment is definitely important for my cardio exercise since it isn’t my favorite thing to do.

Its not rocket science….if you’re waiting for the next big secret to burn fat and lose weight, then you’re wasting your time……you have everything you need to get fit……one being the interval cardio workout I just described….pick your cardio exercise of choice and do intervals (at least 3 days a week)!  They work to burn fat!

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5 thoughts on “My Interval Cardio Workout Today

  1. A friend told me the best cardio workout for the glutes is cycling while another says it’s Tae Bo. Which one is making the most sense?

    1. Leana, Its good to mix up your cardio with running, cycling, bodyweight exercise cardio, swimming, etc. That way, your body won’t adapt to the same workout. Also, if you only do cycling, you will be at risk of developing tight hip flexor muscles. Finally, keep your cardio sessions at about 20 minutes of intervals to get maximum calorie burn and fat burn.

  2. It’s still snowing here in Wisconsin and I hope it will end too because my treadmill died yesterday. Aside of that, even if there isn’t snow, the ground will be awefully soggy for a while. Any other suggestions as to how to do it? We are Y members so we work out there, but we have to drive half an hour to get there so some days with work, school and archery practice it’s often late at night. It was so much easier when I had the treadmill at home to fall back on.

    1. Sure Jennifer! You can do interval indoors…..just basically do something like 1 minute fast and 1 minute slow as a rotation. You could run-in-place, jump rope, mountain climbers, jump squats, jumping jacks, etc…….use one of these exercises or a combination to do your intervals….have fun and be safe!

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