Becoming a mom comes with a lot of new challenges: coping with lost sleep, caring for a surprisingly demanding little human, and, perhaps most infamously, getting your body back in shape after baby. While it can be hard to imagine trying to squeeze in exercise between feedings, diaper changes, and trying to keep up with everything else in your life, it can be done. How do we know? Because loads of other moms out there are doing it! If you’re in need of some post-pregnancy weight loss or healthy living inspiration, check out these blogs written by and for moms, women, and families.

pregnancy weight loss

Mom’s Fitness

These blogs are all written by moms who are getting fit, some while pregnant, some afterwards, and some while juggling multiple kids!

  1. Just RoniMom Roni has been blogging weight loss motivation since 2005, sharing her journey losing baby weight and beyond in a positive and relatable manner.
  2. Run DMTHere you’ll find a mom of three who still manages to find time to embrace her love of running, even taking part in marathons throughout the year.
  3. Total Fit MomThis blog is a can’t-miss for moms who want to eat healthier and get in shape. It offers diet tips, advice on exercise after pregnancy, and much more.
  4. Fit Mom’s BlogRachel is one fit mom. She’s into CrossFit, marathon running, and bike racing and she shares her passion for all things athletic here. A really inspirational read for moms who want to get the family active.
  5. See Mommy RunThis blog offers updates on workouts and other fitness resources for the site, an excellent resource for moms who want to start running.
  6. Mom on the RunCheck out this blog to hear from Janice. She’s a mom of three who balances caring for her girls with work, working out, and playing sports.
  7. Fit Yummy MummyGet advice on getting your pre-baby body back from this fit mama, Holly. If you like what she has to say, join the community of like-minded moms linked on her blog.
  8. The Baby Fat Diet BlogThis blog is a great place for moms looking to lose the baby weight to find helpful information on a wide range of health-related topics.
  9. A Southern MomOn A Southern Mom, readers can connect with a mom just like them who’s raising kids, doing things DIY, and working on her fitness and health.
  10. Racing with BabesThink you can’t get super fit? Use this mom as inspiration. She’s a triathlete and mom to three little ones.
  11. Running MomIf running is something you enjoy (or want to start enjoying) then check out this running blog just for moms. They have an e-zine, help for new moms and moms-to-be, and updates on all kinds of fun running adventures.
  12. Project: Fit MomThis blog can help you to find products that actually aid your fitness, from the best shoes for running to foods that are actually healthy and diet-friendly.
  13. Strength for MotherhoodFound on the Stroller Strides website, this blog is full of excellent posts on mom fitness. Check out their articles on new mom workouts, fitness challenges, and fiber-rich foods for a start.
  14. Workout MommyEstablished in 2007, this health and fitness blog for moms has been providing inspiration and motivation to moms ever since. Started by Lisa after the birth of her first child, the blog has continued to document her fitness journey through the birth of three more kids.
  15. Mama SweatThis blog isn’t dedicated to weight loss. Instead, it takes an honest look at how hard it is to juggle motherhood, work, and fitness, offering real life tips on fitting exercise and fitness into an already busy life.
  16. The Great Fitness ExperimentThis mom takes on all the workouts touted by magazines and television programs, telling you what works and what doesn’t. There’s some inspiration and guidance on fitness and health as a mom, too.
  17. Healthy Moms MagazineThis online magazine is a great place to look for health tips, recipes, and workouts that can help you bounce back after baby.
  18. Fit Mom TVKiana is a mom who is super into fitness. She shares that passion here, offering articles, videos, workouts, recipes, and family fitness tips that can really help moms stay healthy.
  19. Mom vs. MarathonEver dreamt of running a marathon? That dream doesn’t have to die with the birth of your child, as this marathon-running mom demonstrates.
  20. One Fit MomCheck out this blog for help with a variety of fitness topics, from the Paleo diet to CrossFit training, with a little parenting commentary thrown in for good measure.
  21. Taking It On: This mom shares her experiences with working out, being a mom, dealing with life and much more on this motivational site.

Women’s Fitness

These blogs are for women more generally, not just moms, but they have a lot to offer moms looking to get fit, too.

  1. MizFit Online: This blog is chock full of fitness help and inspiration for women of all ages and abilities, with articles, videos, podcasts, and much more to help you get healthy.
  2. Use this blog to help you get motivated, buy the right workout gear, train, and learn more about women’s fitness, whether you want to bodybuild or just tone your tummy.
  3. Everyday FitnessThis WebMD featured blog stresses mind-body balance, good nutrition, and total wellness.
  4. Fit Bottomed GirlsGet the junk in your trunk under control with a little help from this fitness-focused blog. It offers everything from workouts to inspirational stories.
  5. Her Fitness HutWritten by personal trainer Mark Dilworth, this women’s fitness blog is focused on weight loss and fitness, offering tips on eating healthy and kicking bad habits.
  6. CatheFitness expert Cathe Friedrich shares her knowledge with women looking to shape up on this blog, which is loaded with video clips, success stories, and informative articles on all things fitness.
  7. NikkiFitnessGet fitness advice from a personal trainer when you visit this blog, which can help you define and achieve your personal fitness goals.
  8. MahaMondoIf yoga is more your thing, then check out this blog. It offers some inspirational photos and videos and can help you keep in the loop about the latest yoga events.
  9. Women Like SportsWomen like to play sports, too, so this blog is a great place to learn about equipment that can help you to participate in those oh-so-fun activities.
  10. The Chic RunnerThis running-focused blog is a great source of information for women looking to get into running for fitness.

Other Health and Fitness

These blogs touch on a number of different fitness and health topics, from family fitness to coping with your new post-baby body.

  1. Family expert Catherine Holecko maintains this blog, offering tips to keep your entire family fit and healthy.
  2. Health and FitnessIt can be hard to stay fit unless your family is doing it with you. Here, you’ll get ideas on how to change your fitness not just for you, but for your significant other and kids, too.
  3. Fitsugar: Find posts on fitness, healthy living, weight loss, and even celebrity fitness on this pop-culture saturated blog.
  4. Fitness SpotlightHead to Fitness Spotlight to get access to both naked food cooking recipes and advice through the If Life program.
  5. ShreadheadsIf you love Jillian Michaels then you’ll appreciate this blog written by work-at-home mom and a stay-at-home dad, who decided to kick their butts into gear using the program.
  6. The Shape of a MotherComing to terms with your post-pregnancy body can be hard. Not only can it expand your waistline, but it can leave you with scars and stretch marks. This blog encourages you to embrace and love your changed body, something every new mother needs.

Diet and Nutrition

Eating well will give you energy and help keep you healthy, and you’ll find great recipes and tips that can help you do just that on these mom-friendly blogs.

  1. This Mama Cooks!Healthy recipes and lifestyle tips abound on this family-friendly health blog.
  2. Healthy Food and FamilyThis blog, written by two sisters, shares healthy eating recipes, snapshots of everyday life, and more that all moms can relate to.
  3. Gourmet Mom On-the-GoLearn how to make gourmet quality, healthy meals for yourself and your family in a hurry from this blog.
  4. $5 DinnersWho says eating healthy has to cost a fortune? Use this blog to learn how to whip up great meals for under $5.
  5. A Year of Slow CookingThe slow food movement is catching on and is encouraging many to slow down, cook real foods, and enjoy what they eat. Get inspired to do the same from this blog.
  6. The Healthy Snacks BlogYou and your kids will appreciate the healthy snack suggestions offered by this blog.
  7. Feed YourselfForget about food that comes from a box or a bag and learn to make real food with a little help from this blog.
  8. SkinnyTasteGina uses this blog to share family-friendly recipes that are low fat, making it easy to get everyone in your house to eat right.
  9. Eat This!This health food and nutrition blog will help you learn about some of the healthiest foods in the world, how to eat right, and much more.
  10. Blisstree EatThis Blisstree blog will teach you about the latest food research, help you find healthy eating advice, and maybe entertain you, too.
  11. Diet BlogThis diet-focused blog is filled with excellent articles on everything from eating healthy on airplanes to deciding whether or not to eat a carb-filled breakfast.
  12. Real Mom NutritionThis mom offers up news, opinions, stories, and strategies to help busy moms make healthy choices for themselves and their families.
  13. Yum YuckyBlogger and mom Josie loves sweets, but she offers tips on how to balance that love with leading a fit, healthy life here.

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