by Kim Peterson, Common Sense Health

Do you have a list of your goals, in writing, written in the present tense with detail and emotion?


If not….let’s make that happen…now! Something like ” I am so grateful and feel amazingly blessed that I am now at my ideal weight and in the best shape of my life!

I am more active than I have ever been! I love to hike, do yoga, bike, swim and try new things on a daily basis! I look 10 years younger than I did just a few short months ago! I am fit, energetic, healthy and confident! Life is grand!”

Can you FEEL it? Make them real, vibrant and written in a way that you just can’t help but smile every time you review them. 🙂 There are volumes of books, audio materials, seminars and planning systems that can help you truly connect with what you really want to accomplish in your life.

Goals evolve, grow and change over time, visit them often, think excitedly of them constantly and before you know it you will be there. Nourish and care for your goals and they will do the same for you.

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Kim Peterson, Health and Wellness Consultant, is the founder and owner of Common Sense Health. With cutting-edge coaching and products that generate an incredible return on investment for Health and Wellness practitioners and business owners, Common Sense Health is one of the most in-demand entrepreneurial consultancies in the industry.

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