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I had something else planned, but opened this up first thing and it spoke to me.

BEING ALIVE…By Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1850-1919

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Cease wondering why you came-Stop looking for faults and flaws; Rise up to-day in your pride and say, “I am part of the First Great Cause!”

IN every thousand people who are living on this earth, not more than one is alive. To be really alive means more than to be a moving, breathing, eating, drinking, and talking human creature. He who is actually alive finds the days too short for all the wonderful explorations which life offers in three realms to the reverent and aspiring adventurer. (awesome)

He finds life itself a continuing adventure, an unfolding panorama, with opportunities for pleasure and achievement at every turn. He finds himself an object of interesting study, however dissatisfied he may be with the present results of that study, for he perceives that he is a crude chunk of Eternity, and that in him lay all the powers and possibilities latent in the Universe.

And that in him lay is the will to work out these possibilities. He who is fully alive enjoys the earth and all its pleasures. He loves the slap of the wind upon his cheek, the dash of the waves up on his breast, the motion of his limbs in the swift walk; the thrill of the good steed’s body under his own; the ecstasy of rhythm in the dance; the vibrant swing of the oar. He loves labor, and the fatigue which follows; and in his harmoniously developed frame there is not one lazy or unused muscle.

But being alive does not stop here. The man who is practicing the art of being alive to its full
extent has an alert, receptive brain and an awakened spirit. Without these he would simply be a splendid animal. With these he is the highest expression of the Creative Power visible to mortal vision. And with these he finds his opportunities for happiness, usefulness, and pleasure in existence threefold.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ella Wheeler Wilcox!

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