I talked about balancing your leg strength in a previous article this week……well, female athletes often have different strength levels when comparing one leg to the other.


Studies show that 20-30% of female athletes have one leg significantly weaker than the other leg.  If a female has a muscle weakness of 15% or greater from one leg to the other, she is about 3 times more likely to suffer a leg injury.

Training should be customized to strengthen the weaker leg and bring it up to par (or close) with the stronger leg.  Equal or similar strength in legs will improve your dynamic balance (keeping center of gravity over a constantly changing base of support) and reduce chances of injury.

One-legged exercises like step ups, lunges and single-legged squats are great for balancing your leg strength.

Have you had a leg injury while playing sports?  What was the cause?  Comment and let us know!

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