Isometric core exercises are underrated and are great for core stabilization and strength…..isometric core exercises require you to hold one position (20 seconds for example) without moving.

Pushup plank

Planks are top exercises to strengthen your entire core, including your abs (superficial and deep stabilizers) and lower back…..some variations of planks are:

Prone plank

Prone plank on ball

Side plank

Pushup plank (shown above)

You can do these types of isometric exercises up to 4-5 times a week.

A stronger core will make your arms and legs more strong/powerful and will help you to increase speed and maintain speed longer (speed endurance).

Include these exercises in your routine!

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2 thoughts on “Isometric Core Exercises

  1. Hi Mark,
    Glad that your blog and business has been recognized. So well deserved.

    It’s interesting that I teach similar poses/exercises at my TriYoga studio.

    I noted earlier that you interviewed a Boston marathon competitor. My daughter also competed and she’s still running! Several halfs and “reach the beach” and she’s doing the Disney Marathon in January too, this time with her sister.

    Thanks for all your efforts in making the nation healthier one person at a time.

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