You have to workout correctly to avoid stooped posture. Getting healthy and fit is more than just burning body fat and sculpting your body. Pictured below is good standing posture—-the spine has its natural “S” curve (not sway back), the shoulders and back are not stooped, the pelvis is not tilted forward and the head is not “jutted forward.”

It doesn’t help you to “look like a goddess” if your body is totally wrecked with injuries, muscle imbalances and postural problems!

The structural alignment of your body is called posture. The human movement system consists of the muscular system , skeletal system and neural system. Your exercise program should be tailored to correct postural problems.

Dr. Wendy Katzman, PT, DPTSc, OCS and her colleagues at the University of California San Francisco created a 12-week group activity program for women with an average age of 72 who had kyphosis or a stooped posture. The 2008 study was funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health.

The aim was to determine if women could experience improvements in posture, body strength, range of motion, and physical performance through a 12-week group activity program. In all of the women who participated, their kyphosis improved, meaning they stood taller with less of a stooped posture, they improved their strength and range of motion or joint flexibility, along with all of the other variables studied.

Dr. Katzman incorporated some of the movements from the study (many similar to what you might find in a yoga or Pilates program) into an evidence-based program called STAND TALL. You can see Dr. Katzman describe the STAND TALL exercise program on video or you can purchase the program from the American Physical Therapy Association.

The program helps reinforce good posture and body alignment as well as proper body mechanics while strengthening core and back muscles, improving posture and bone health with targeted strength training and weight bearing exercise.

Don’t wait until you are 70 years old to start correcting your posture! Work to strengthen your body and core strength throughout your life.

The human movement system must work together and function properly for you to achieve true health and fitness. A certified personal trainer is there to make sure these systems are corrected and working together while you get “trimmed and buffed!”

For you to look and feel great, you must correct your postural dysfunctions and muscular imbalances as much as possible. So, this is one more reason that you need a certified personal trainer!

To your health and fitness!

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