An exercise bike is a great way to train, whether at the gym or in your home. Training experts recommend biking as it is non-impact aerobics. This is especially important for people undergoing injury rehabilitation. Whether you are riding for recreation or serious exercise, there are a number of considerations.


Selecting a Bike

Nowadays, there are a lot of different types of bike. They can be broadly separated into classical upright and recumbent  bikes. Most big gyms have both types lined up in front of flat screen televisions. The recumbent bikes can take a bit of getting used to, but spread your weight more evenly so you receive a more comfortable workout. Compare electric bike specs.

Adjusting the Bike

It is important to ensure that you adjust the seat  to enable fluid peddling and full extension of the legs and knees. The hips should not go through a rotational movement and it should be a comfortable seating position.

Training for Strength

Bikes have become more sophisticated and gone are the days where you just peddle and look at the clock to know when you are done. You can choose a program involving incline and decline to build realism into the ride and increase the challenge and muscle building capacity of the ride.

Don’t Drive Too Hard

When beginning training, it is easy to push it too hard. Take a progressive attitude to training with effort to constantly improve. Fitness does not happen overnight and takes dedication and perspiration. Ease yourself into a new regime and increase intensity as your fitness levels increase

Warm Up and Warm Down

Exercise bikes are often used in professional sport as a warm up exercise. It is easy to jump on and, in your enthusiasm, overdo the resistance level and end up getting injured. Go through a warm up and warm down phase to each biking session. After all, an injury will set your training regime back if you can’t train.

Enjoy the adrenaline and endorphins and stick at it. The goals you set when you decided to train remain the same despite the pain. Keep going; you have a lot to gain.

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