Are you still trying to shape a curvy figure and dream body? You can do it with hard work and the right information. Its up to you to make it happen.

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Here are some of my best articles, all in one place, for you to start shaping your best figure:

Why Some Women Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Lean and shapely women have certain things in common. Its not complicated. Read this article and find out how to get it done.

How to Burn Off Your Muffin Top

You hate belly fat and so do I. Everyone will have to burn off that muffin top at some point. Here’s 10 tips to help you do it.

Women’s Fat Loss Dumbbell Workout

This tough dumbbell workout will lean out your body. You will have to toss out those baby weight dumbbells though!

The Curvy Woman’s 6 Lean Body Training Tips

Curvy women don’t need to get skinny. These just need to shape those beautiful curves……

Torch Fat with Shuttle Run Cardio

This fat burning cardio workout is too tough and short for you to ever get bored. Say goodbye to 1 hour cardio sessions.


Top 5 Fat Burning Bodyweight Exercises

Your body is your best workout equipment. Do this workout at home, work or the park. Take a friend along with you.

Top 5 Women’s Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine ball exercises are an underutilized method of working out by many, except you right?

How the Pushup Plank Tones Abs

Its important to tone and strengthen your deep stabilizing core muscles in order to burn off that muffin top.


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