You can eat plenty on Valentine’s Day and still have your chocolate–just eat smart.

Here are some tips for you:

1. Add volume to your diet (eating wet). Eat foods with high water content/low calories. Foods such as fresh fruits and salad greens are examples. These types of foods help you to feel fuller (satiety) while eating fewer calories.

2. Eat protein with every meal. Protein helps control your blood sugar levels when you eat carbohydrates. Protein fills you up for longer (takes longer to digest) and also leaves you satisfied on fewer calories. Foods such as fish, lean chicken (skinless), low-fat yogurt, eggs, beans and nuts fit the bill.

3. Drink water for drinks all day. It will help you eat less. When you go to dinner, use good judgement on your drinks.

When you go out for dinner, follow these guidelines:

Rule #1 – IF IT’S FRIED, LET IT SLIDE (TRY BAKED OR BROILED). How fast can you say trans fat?

Rule #2 – Don’t go to your dinner date on a completely empty stomach. You’re likely to eat more. Keep in mind that restaurants routinely serve huge servings of food. I usually eat about half of a restaurant meal and take a doggie bag home.

Rule #3 – Don’t fill up on bar snacks while waiting for your entree.

Rule #4 – Get your carb fix at home with fruits and vegetables.

Have fun on Valentine’s Day!

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