Spot strength training to tone up your breasts, arms or any other muscle group will not work. You will need a full body strength training program that you do at least 3 days a week. And, proper nutrition cannot be ignored. This will start the fat burning process for your total body.

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According to Mayo Clinic research:

“Research has shown that breast-feeding doesn’t negatively affect breast shape or volume.  Still, sagging breasts are a valid concern. During pregnancy, the ligaments that support your breasts may stretch as your breasts get fuller and heavier. This stretching may contribute to sagging breasts after pregnancy — whether or not you breast-feed your baby. Sagging breasts may be more noticeable with each subsequent pregnancy, especially if you have large breasts.”

“Other factors also contribute to sagging breasts, including aging and smoking — both of which reduce skin elasticity. Being overweight can have a similar effect………… maintain the appearance of your breasts at any stage of life, make healthy lifestyle choices. Include physical activity in your daily routine. Eat a healthy diet. If you smoke, ask your doctor to help you quit.”

Here are 2 tips to firm up your total body:

1. Firm up your breasts and give them better shape with the chest press on ball (incline chest press on ball and fly press on ball is also great). Research and my personal experience using this exercise with women clients has proven that there is more muscle activation in the chest area when the chest press is done on a stability ball.

Your breasts are made up of fatty (adipose ) tissue, so their size depends upon how much fat you store there. Genetics, your weight, your health and your age also play a part in breast firmness and size. The muscles directly underneath your breasts are called the pectorals. Your pectoral muscles are partly responsible for the firmness of your breasts.

The only way to significantly improve your breast size is through surgery or weight gain. But, you can make your breasts firmer by working your chest-area muscles and burning total body fat. To me, this is the better option for now and later on in life (to avoid the sags as much as possible).

2. Consistent full body strength training is the key to leaning out your body.

Try this total body strength training circuit (10 repetitions each):

–Bodyweight squats

–Chest press on ball (pictured above)

–Side lunges

–Standing dumbbell shoulder press

–Front lunges

–Pullups or bentover dumbbell rows

–Reverse lunges

–Standing dumbbell hammer curls

–Tricep dips on bars

Repeat this circuit 2 more times.

If you want to do some extra work to tone your triceps and arms in general, go right ahead.  Exercises like standing dumbbell overhead triceps extensions, dumbbell standing lateral and front raises and bentover dumbbell triceps kickbacks work well.

Burn fat and shape your curves leaner and meaner. You will look and feel great!

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