by Sophie Tardiff

It might seem like a strange notion that the intake of bacteria can improve your health, but it’s true. It’s also true that over sanitizing an environment can comprise an actual health risk by compromising your immune response.

In recent years, food processing techniques have actually eliminated some crucial ingredients that have historically been present in the stuff we eat, like benign pathogens that provoke an immune response. Just as importantly, something less present nowadays is a class of bacteria called probiotics, which actually confer a benefit to their host.

The human digestive system is actually host to a large variety of bacteria, some beneficial, and some not. Without the beneficial bacteria, digestion can be seriously impaired to the point where one can get sick or malnourished just from a sterilized digestive tract.

These bacteria are essential, which is why doctors sometimes prescribe a dose of probiotic bacteria cultures to patients taking a run of antibiotic medication, since antibiotics can obliterate the well-tuned bacterial balance of your intestine.

Recent research in this area have revealed the manifold health benefits of probiotics, which is why they have become an important new facet of the health supplement industry.

Probiotic supplements offer a wide range of scientifically tested health benefits, including reducing the risk of colon cancer and strengthening the immune system. There is also evidence that certain strains can aid in weight loss by affecting how the body stores calories.

Probiotics are an essential ingredient in a person’s overall health that our bodies have naturally depended on, even before the invention of supplements.

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