Its no big secret that the best way to heal your body is with healthy, managed nutrition. The LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) Diet helps you eliminate the foods that are making you sick. Sounds good to me. What are some reasons that you don’t eat better—consistently?

1. Ignorance. You don’t know what, when and how to eat.

2. Fear. You have failed in the past with nutrition and its easier to just “let it slide.”

3. Belief. You don’t really believe an improved diet will really help you burn fat, lose weight and heal your body.

4. Apathy. You haven’t really tried to change your eating habits for any real length of time.

5. Lack of willpower. Determination and perseverance will always be needed to “stick with the program” no matter what.

Whatever the reason, there are no excuses for not improving your nutritional habits. It takes much trial and error to get it right. There can be problems if you are sensitive to certain foods.

If you have such symptoms as: digestion problems, skin problems, fatigue, insomnia, sinus issues, muscle/joint pain, water retention, food cravings or fluctuating body weight, you may need to address food sensitivities.

Start making positive changes today with your eating habits.

My friend, Leslie Edmunds at Healthy Hearts Nutrition has a great eating plan that she has tried herself. It works big-time!

This is what she says:

“The time is now! It’s time to begin my LEAP elimination diet…and start healing.

In my last blog post, My LEAP Journey, Post #1, I explained my background and why I decided to test myself. I also shared my highly reactive (red) and moderately reactive (yellow) foods and chemicals. Although many people reduce their symptoms significantly from just avoiding their red and yellow foods (I feel TONS better from just avoiding my reds and yellows for two weeks), the best results are attained after following a LEAP ImmunoCalm Diet Plan created by a Certified LEAP therapist (me!).

The ImmunoCalm Diet Program works by eliminating those foods and substances which trigger non-allergic immune system reactions, and properly combining and reintroducing a diet of your low-reactive foods. Basically, we start with a small number of our lowest reactive (green) foods.”

Food Collage

All of the basic rules of sound nutrition still apply (LEAP makes adjustments for your body), such as:

1. This is not a quick weight loss or fad diet. Some of the changes will be very difficult for you to implement.

2. You will still eat necessary healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

3. You will eat the “superfoods” that help your body fight inflammation and disease.

4. You will have a healthy, mangaged meal plan. You can’t eat as much as you want and still be successful.

5. You will have to drink enough water every day so your body will operate efficiently. Water helps your body flex muscles, remove wastes, cushion joints, carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells and helps convert food into energy.

Get ready to make real changes over several phases. Here are some of Leslie’s posts:

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Ready for real change? These diet changes could be what you’ve been looking for. Explore and see.

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