You can sculpt your summer body anywhere, anytime. With the busy summer months on the way, you don’t have to skip your workouts. Do you have 30 minutes to workout?


Everything is usually free and easy in the summer so keeping up with exercise and eating right is a huge challenge! Since the clothes are looser and skimpier, you want to look good, right?! Well, take some steps to start getting in shape for the summer.

If you will be traveling this summer, you can still exercise and do everything you need to do this summer! Just take 30 minutes to get in your body sculpting workout.

For me, summer is my favorite time to workout because I love to workout in 100 degree heat…..I’m a little wacky so I realize this doesn’t work for many people. For one, allergies are a big problem for many people so outdoors workouts can be a big problem…..others hate the scorching heat! Just work out early morning, late evening or at night. Just get it done!

Burn fat and shape your curves leaner and meaner. You will look and feel great!

Download your Free Curves, Abs and Upper Body Fat Burn Manual and start shaping your body faster!

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
Her Fitness Hut

Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist
Certified Nutrition Coach and Nutrition for Metabolic Health Specialist. Since 2006, I have helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle habit changes that helps you to achieve better long-term health, which includes body transformation and ideal body weight.
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