Sprinting is one of the best exercises to give you a leaner body!  Sprinting is a full body, full speed exercise that will “fire up” up your bulkier fast twitch muscle fibers and burn fat like crazy!  Fast twitch muscle fibers are responsible for giving your body more shape and definition.  Just look at any sprinter’s body!

While you may not be a sprinter, this type of running will help you get your best looking body!  Just run as fast as you can!

Running sprints will also make you faster!  If you run alot of long distances, you will not get faster!  You will also use more slow twitch muscle fibers when running long distances.  Slow twitch muscle fibers won’t shape and tone your body the way you want!  Run sprints at the beginning of your workout when you are fresh. Rest 1 minute for every 10 yards sprinted.  So, if you are sprinting 60 yards, rest 6 minutes between sprints. You need to run each sprint with maximum effort in order to get faster!

Improve your running mechanics to prevent injuries and make your training more efficient.  Wasted motion can burn alot of energy during your workout.  You should practice running mechanics every day.

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