Can you keep the weight loss off? That’s really the sticking point for many people. Well, you came to the right place today…..below are answers to important questions about the FREE For Women Only: Weight Loss Solutions Online Conference:


Q1: What is For Women Only: The Weight Loss Solution?

A: For Women Only: The Weight Loss Solution is a free online event that will be running for around 3 weeks from October 21st til November 12th. It features some of the TOP weight loss experts around the world — covering topics specifically related to weight loss for women.

Q2: When does For Women Only: The Weight Loss Solution start?

A: The summit will start October 21st at 12:00AM. What this means is that at 12:00AM on the 21st, the first set of sessions for the summit will be posted. They will be live for 48 hours (so until ~12:00AM on October 23rd), and then they will be replaced by the next set of sessions.

So to be clear, you do NOT need to be awake at 12:00AM to watch them – they will be posted as early as possible so you have the most amount of time to watch them.

The summit will end on November 12th.

Q3: How long do we have to watch each set of sessions?

A: Each set of sessions will be posted for 48 hours, and then replaced by the next set of sessions, which will be up for 48 hours as well. We wanted to make sure that you’ll have enough time to actually watch them!

Q4: I’m over 40, 50, 60 years of age — will this information apply to me or is it for young women only?

A: ABSOLUTELY this information will apply to you. We put in a special effort to make sure to ask the right questions about the right topics for women of all ages.

So – to answer this as clearly as possible – this summit will definitely cover information for women over 40. So you can look forward to that in our sessions. 🙂

Q5: What happens if I miss a session?

A: Unfortunately, if you miss a session during the viewing window, that’s it. Once its taken down, they are down for good. However, if you think you will miss a session…

…or if you want to listen to the sessions again later…

…or if you want to share the sessions with a friend or family member after the event…

…or if you want to be able to download the sessions to your computer..

Then I’d highly recommend checking out our “All Access Package.”

The All Access Package will give you LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the sessions – the videos, audios, transcripts, and bonuses (with more bonuses to come!) so that you can watch them anytime, anywhere (Disclaimer: Not in the shower. Please don’t electrocute yourself. lol.), whenever you want.

There is a digital version which you can download instantly, and a digital + flash drive version that you can also download instantly, but also receive all the files on a convenient portable flash drive as well.

On all domestic orders for the flash drive package, shipping is FREE. For international orders, you will need to pay a $6.50 shipping fee.

Q6: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes. There is a two pay option for both versions of the all access package, if you need it.

Q7: Can I watch the sessions on my phone or tablet?

A: Yes. The site is mobile friendly, so during the event you should have no problem watching the session on a mobile device.

Register for For Women Only: The Weight Loss Solution here. <--- Free bonus inside!

One final thought…

I hope that you can see that we’ve put a TON of time and effort into making this absolutely the best event that it can be. I hope you appreciate that and will join us for For Women Only: The Weight Loss Solution.

Make sure to register today (and get your free bonus – The Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight).

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