Teen girls need to be concerned with fat loss to make sure the bad habits don’t follow them into adulthood!  It begins with teen girls having healthy eating habits.  This doesn’t mean that girls can’t ever go to a fast food restaurant…but, if you are a teen girl, learn to make healthy food choices wherever you eat!  And, learn that you don’t have to get stuffed when you eat—JUST EAT ENOUGH!


Okay TeenGirl, here is some easy-to-follow exercise advice for you:

1. Buy a set of light weight dumbbells and do full-body strength exercises 3 days a week. They are critical for your bone health, joint health and they help you lose fat-mass weight. TeenGirl, your primary concern is to develop peak bone mass. After graduating from high school, girls have all the bone mass they will ever have–unless they strength train to increase it. 

2.  Walk as much as you can instead of riding all the time.  This will help you to have an active lifestyle.

3.  Play a sport for as long as you can.  This also leads to good exercise habits for life (I speak from experience).

4. Start following a healthy meal plan right now! 

5. Do some form of cardio exercise 3-4 days a week for at least 20 minutes a session.  This keeps your heart healthy.

Follow these simple steps to fitness and you will not only be a healthy teen girl but it will lead you to be a healthy adult woman!

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