Hitting the gym to pump some iron may not be what you go to a Las Vegas casino for, but clearly a lot of people like to do exactly that – as virtually all of the major casinos there have a gym on site.

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So you can enjoy a variety of casino games and you can stay in shape at the same time.   An example would be the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, which has a gymnasium within the complex stocked with every piece of exercise equipment you could possibly want for either getting or staying in shape – alongside a bathhouse spa to enable you to unwind a little following a strenuous session.

This is also true of another top Vegas casino – the Riviera Hotel Casino – which has both a gymnasium and a health club built into the complex.  On the downside here though, the actual choice of weightlifting and cardiovascular exercise equipment is not quite as modern as you will get with most of the other big casinos in Las Vegas.  Of course, everything is fully operational and gets the job done, but the machines are older.

Where it does score over rival casino gyms in Las Vegas is in the range of equipment it offers – as there are far greater choices.   Thus, you will have fewer worries about showing up and not being able to get access to the exercise machines you want, when you want.

If there is one Las Vegas casino where the presence of a gymnasium is no surprise, it is the high octane Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, where everything is fast and furious.  You will probably expend enough energy and shed excess poundage on the dance floors of this party casino, but should you feel the need to put in some extra exercise, the gym is about as modern as they come. It is stocked with cutting edge Cybex fitness equipment, and, like many of the other Vegas casino gyms, provides some weight training access free of charge – with access to the full range of equipment requiring the payment of a fee.

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