Fitness clubs have huge membership numbers in the 35-50 age group and many of them are women.  Some women have told me they don’t know how they should be exercising.  Some have retained my services to set and reach exercise goals.

Primary fitness goals for women in the 35-50 age group should be to maintain bone mass and improve coordination and balance.

This requires a comprehensive strength and cardio exercise program. I have seen many women who “hate lifting weights” and basically do only cardio exercise. Or they fear that weight lifting will make them bulky. This is a big mistake.

Obtaining optimum lean muscle mass and burning body fat requires performing weight-bearing exercises (including bodyweight exercises).

MENOPAUSE ALSO BECOMES AN ISSUE for women in this age group.  According to information in, menopause isn’t the only cause of middle-age spread. 

Other factors include reduced activity, decreased metabolism, increased calorie intake and genetics. 

THE SIMPLEST WAY TO EASE INTO MENOPAUSE IS TO EXERCISE, ACCORDING TO THE AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE. Exercise helps ease symptoms, maintain bone mass and improve balance among other benefits.

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