“Eating on the run” doesn’t have to be a disaster for your waistline and shapely figure! “Eating on the run” becomes a disaster when you don’t plan your meals.

Like anything else, just plan healthy “eating on the run” meals if you’re “all over the place” on certain days! Some people live their lives “all over the place.” For them, they just need to plan to “eat on the run” all the time!

What about the days that unexpectedly “go haywire” and you need to “eat on the run?” One tactic that I use is to have “default foods” when I’m unexpectedly busy and need to eat healthy and quickly.

Some of those foods are nuts, popcorn, apples, bananas, grapes, peanut butter sandwich, oatmeal, cereal, etc. I don’t even have to think about what to eat, I just choose from the list. Plus, I’m a huge snacker, so eating this way fits me just fine. Find what works for you.

Nuts are high-calorie so be careful to eat about a handful and skip the excess salt. As for fruit, I’ve never heard of anyone getting fat from eating fruit.

More and more, our culture is “on the run” and just plain “too busy!” We wear it like a badge of honor. I won’t open that can of worms!

-Cathering Ebeling and Mike Geary are co-authors of the popular ebook, Fat-Burning Kitchen, which shows you how to totally revamp your kitchen to make your body a fat-burning machine!

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4 thoughts on “Eating On The Run Doesn’t Have To Be A Disaster

  1. Every meal that you eat should include lean protein, foods containing monounsaturated fat, and complex carbohydrates. If you stick to this diet, you will find that your metabolism levels increasing and your body will burning more fat than it ever has.

  2. Hi! Nice blog you have, i like your writing. It’s very useful for me. Oh I love nuts + salt, thanks for providing this info. I have to avoid it from now to shed my belly fat!

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