Don’t go on a diet in 2011! Change your eating habits, exercise regularly, burn fat and lose the weight for good! Make lifestyle changes and your life will change!

After 100 years of weight loss history, doctors and fitness professionals agree that the best solution for fat loss and weight loss is proper nutrition and regular exercise.

How about common sense? Name one thing in life worth having that didn’t take alot of hard, smart work? Is your health worth the hard work? Don’t look for shortcuts….here’s a few tips on diets, etc.

1. I don’t recommend any diet that omits one of the macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat). Your body’s metabolism needs all 3 macronutrients to work efficiently.

2. The various “body organ cleansers” out there on the market are not the key to your fat loss and weight loss…..regular exercise (weight training and interval cardio) and good nutrition are your tickets to a permanent lean and toned body.

Use the cleansers if you want for cleaning you out, I guess. Just remember that healthy foods such as fruits and veggies also play a role in keeping your body clean (and alot less expensive)!

3. Along the same lines, there are no magic pills, powders or creams that will give you a permanent lean and toned body.

4. Again, forget the fad diets and make the commitment to a lifetime of good nutrition.

5. Set your daily calorie intake based on your basal metabolic rate and your activity level. This way, you won’t eat too much or too little. Maintaining the right amount of calorie deficit (burning more calories than you consume) is the key to burning fat and losing weight.

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