by Kim Peterson, Common Sense Health

Let’s review what we’ve covered so far and reflect on whether we are practicing what we are taking in.

do well be well

News fast … Don’t become inundated with the doom, gloom and dreary. There are people that have focused on the end of time since the beginning…don’t be one of them.

Start the day by visualizing it unfolding perfectly before you …Make this minor change and make a major impact! Review your goals daily … do this with enthusiasm and the expectation that they have already come to fruition!

Eat that frog … In keeping your attitude at its ultimate fitness level…do the to-do you dread the most, first thing. Get it out of the way. You’ll feel better the rest of the day as a result.

Start your day with a focus on what you have to be grateful for…not what challenges you are currently facing. You will be better able to overcome challenges when you are coming from a position of Gratitude. What do you have to be grateful for today?

Eliminate the negative before it has a chance to stick … A quick & easy technique to get rid of negative thoughts is to just say “no” (out loud or in your head) then take out a magic eraser in your mind and picture the negative thought being completely erased away. You can also do this with windshield wipers or whatever you can think of that works for you.

The bottom line is to get the negativity gone and replace it with something exciting, happy, peaceful or beautiful.

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again … You don’t have to be perfect every second of every minute of every day, just catch yourself and jump back on the horse as fast as you can and don’t worry about it.

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